I'm not sure why I settled on 12 and not a nice round 10...but there wee plenty of excellent San Diego Comic Con Exclusives available this year. A number of artists and/or companies had initial releases at the event, so I will also be covering some of those in a different write-up.

#12: Frankentoast from Dan Goodsell (Mr. Toast)

IMG 0428

#11: Chochionbake from Mikie Graham (Dragatomi)

IMG 0843

#10: Bandito Muerto from Jesse Hernandez and Kidrobot

IMG 0673

#9: Radioactive Bellicose Bunny from Nathan Hamill and 3DRetro (Toy Break)

IMG 0233

#8: Custom Captain Androids from Gary Ham

IMG 0258

#7: GID Leroy C. from Invisible Creature and Super7

IMG 0355

#6: Super Duper Caped Caveys from Holly Stanway (Onell Design)

IMG 0797

#5: Blue O-No Sashimi from Andrew Bell (Dumbrella)

IMG 0487

#4: Cookie Dream Babo from Sun-Min and David (Uglydolls)

IMG 0295

#3: Brillo Square from Ashley Wood and 3A (Toy Tokyo)

IMG 0434

#2: Baby Mossback Snybora from Chris Ryniak and Rotofugi

IMG 0404

#1: Clear Real Fighting Greasebat from Jeff Lamm and Monster Worship (Onell Design)

IMG 0344

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