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While Douglas Cuddle Toys might produce plush toys for a different demographic than Plastic and Plush caters to, I'm going to guess that a good portion of our readers have children who would love these toys. So when they sent in this PlayTivity Blankee for review, I had to get into the mindset of a child – not a collector. And trust's not that difficult for me to get into a child's mindset.

The PlayTivity Dog Blankee measures in at 18" x 20" of various fabrics. It features the sewn-in plush dog in the center with left and right arms that crinkle. The left arm has two plastic rings. The left foot rattles. The right foot squeaks. And there is a mylar mirror under the dog's belly flap. Essentially, enough to keep your baby (or maybe yourself) entertained.

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All kids have a special blanket, right? I mean Charles Schulz's Peanuts character Linus was basically known for walking around with a blue blanket. And while I have a 14 month old at home, ironically enough, he's not a huge fan of plush toys or blankets.

If you have a baby who might enjoy a blanket/play toy, you can pick up the PlayTivity Dog Blankee up from Douglas Cuddle Toys for $25.49.

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