Monster Worship will be at the Global Figure Symposium All-Stars Booth #4937 at San Diego Comic Con. They will be there on Friday July 22nd 2011 from 5:00PM until 7:00PM.

monster worship altar beast

The debut of Monster Worship's Altar Beast sofubi vinyl will take form in the Black Mass colorway. The 6-inch tall figure features one point of articulation. From artist Mark Rudolph and sculpted by Monster5, Altar Beast will be available for $35.00.

monster worship cannibal

Another figure debut will be the Cannibal Fuckface - Blood Bath colorway. Created by Johnny Ryan and sculpted by Monster5, the 7.5-inch tall sofubi vinyl figure features four points of articulation. Pick one of these bad boys up for $85.00.

monster worship greasebat

The Real Fighting Greasebat (super clear) will be transparent vinyl with paper "guts" inside. Sculpted by Chauskoskis, standing in at 7-inches tall and featuring three points of articulation, each Greasebat includes a "Greasebat Field Target Identification Guide" illustrated by artist Jeff Lamm. Pick one up for $75.00.

monster worship kusogon

Monster Worship and beaK will be releasing a new colorway of the pachi kaiju Kusogon. There aren't yet many details - or an image - to go along with the release.

monster worship splurrt

There will also be a few collaborations, including offerings from Splurrt (Digglers and HiYas) and hand-painted Kusogons from beaK.

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