CONTEST: Win Moki and Miko

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Thanks to Ingri - from the House of Ingri - we're going to be giving away a pair of her super cuddly plush characters. From the Francis and Friends line, one lucky reader will have the chance to win the Moki and Miko plushies (pictured above). Here's what you have to do.

Comment on this post and Tell us your favorite monkey. It could be a certain species of primate, a monkey cartoon character or toy, or a monkey actor. Pretty much...just write something about a monkey and remember to include your email address or Twitter name in the proper field.

The contest runs until 11:59PM ET on July 15th 2011. Only one entry per person.

23 thoughts on “CONTEST: Win Moki and Miko

  1. I miss the monkey secret agent from Dexter’s Laboratory. I think I like him more because The Macho Man Randy Savage played a character on the show and used to say his name awesomely.

  2. My favorite monkey is Curious George! I loved him ever since I was a baby and I think he’s just a lovable fella!^____^ I also think these are very cute plushes & awesome monkeys!:D

  3. No other Monkey in the world like “Clyde” from “Every Which Way But Loose”

  4. I have Miko and Francis that I picked up at Toy Fair from them. I love Miko. Would love to have his brother Moki to enjoy adventures with

  5. My favorite monkey is Dr. Zaius from planet of the apes. I wonder if he will be in the new movie?

  6. Rafiki from The Lion King would have to be my favorite monkey – he manages to be both charismatic and a special monkey sort of crazy, a great contarst to the conceited lions. Also because baboon faces just look really darn cool :>

  7. I’d have to say my favorite monkey was a plush toy given to my 8 year old daughter when she was born. We stationed him at her changing table and squeezed his belly to make him talk every time we changed her diaper. She would stare at that monkey and eventually giggled like mad at it’s monkey noises. The monkey continued to wear our daughter’s hospital wristband long after he could no longer “speak”.

  8. My absolute favourite monkey is DAN’L BABOON from Kimba the White Lion. He’s an excellent mentor of Kimba’s, and is also a bag of laughs. (He’s not actually a baboon though, he is a mandrill). (was The Lion King a ‘copycat’)

  9. Japanese macaques are not really monkeys, but they are apes, like these plush. i just love love love them! so cute and the wash their food in water like humans before they eat it. I also love how lots of Japanese macaques live in snowy mountains and soak in hot springs to warm up! That is funny

  10. My favorite monkey is Sally( pink sock monkey) she was a gift from boyfriend she goes everywhere with me I have a chronicle of her travels… weddings pics to climbing trees or just selt buckled in her seat to the store. Love her!!!!! she just make me smile BIG!!!!

  11. I’ve always loved Pygmy Marmosets. They are some the world’s smallest primates, about the size of the palm of your hand.

    Last year four Pygmy Marmosets were stolen from a Wollongong Zoo (in Australia where I live) by a group of EVIL people. It was very sad, but luckily they were discovered several days later, and returned to their home :D.

    Here are the little kidnapped monkeys after being returned . . .

  12. My favorite monkey is the on the “Anti Monkey Butt Powder” bottle. He’s a very cheeky monkey. =)

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