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Last week, The Cardhacks and SideKick Media released The Art Hustle Series 2. The Art Hustle is a boutique series of artist and art-based trading cards, featuring an international group of artists from various backgrounds: street art; toy art; kaiju; illustration; fine art; sculpting; digital art; digital media. Series 2 includes over 75 participating artists.

There are only 500 numbered boxes produced. Each box includes 36 wax packs. Each wax pack includes a combination of Artist Profile Cards, Original Art Sketch Cards, Signature Cards, Artist Menko, Frank Kozik Silkscreen Cards, and Ron English Sticker Cards.

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Our Opinion

We received a few packs to look at. The wax pack brings back nostalgia for those baseball cards of yesteryear. Although, instead of looking at player're checking out some vital info on your favorite artists. The majority of the cards you'll receive are of the artist profile variety. As you can see above, we received a signature card (GOCCODO) as well. They also include a few 1/4 cards that act as teasers.

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Price-wise, you can pick up a case directly from The Art Hustle for $144.00. That works out to $4.00 a pack. It might be a little on the pricier side, but this is a very limited run and a lot of work goes into giving the series that vintage look. I definitely recommend picking up a few packs. I'm just wondering when will there be a Plastic and Plush card. Heh.

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