New at Frozen Empire Toys – June 2011

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Now available at Frozen Empire Toys:

Now in Stock:

Wrecks & Dazey - Original Edition by Joe Ledbetter / TLS - $89.95
Inspector Cumulus by Jonathan Edwards / Crazy Label - $39.95
Ghost Girl - DIY Edition by Matt Siren / MPH Labs - $32.50
2011 Dunny Series by Kidrobot - Blind Box - $9.95ea
The Seeker - Ice Edition by Jeff Soto / BST - $94.95
Hermees - Trickster Edition by Gary Ham - $42.50
Tequila - Classico Edition by Muttpop - $64.95
Baby Corn Plush by Steff Bomb - $14.95
Carrot Plush by Steff Bomb - $24.95
Corn Plush by Steff Bomb - $24.95

Spring Cleaning Sale:

Spring is now officially over, but we have decided to extend our Spring Cleaning Sale just a few more days! This group of sale items will end shortly, so be sure to act fast to get in on some good deals before it's too late .

Coming Soon:

Pink Strange Beast Bossy Bear by David Horvath / Toy2r
Blue Strange Beast Bossy Bear by David Horvath / Toy2r
Uncle Argh Mini Qee by Scott Tolleson / Toy2r
7 Inch Transparent Bear Qee by Toy2r

and lots more . . . .

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