David Arshawsky kills the Ninja Turtles

arshawsky turtle 2 arshawsky turtle 1

If you haven't heard the name David Arshawsky...you should have. Depending on your age, it's likely that you played with Playmates' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line of action figures. (I remember hitting up the local Jamesway - whenever I got my allowance money - to pick up the newest TMNT figures) Well, David Arshawsky sculpted a lot of those pieces.

The man behind the toys has released four original (one-off) paintings of the Ninja Turtles in various forms of death. Each painting measures 8"x10" and is available for $100.00 (signed). Pick one (or more) up here.

arshawsky turtle 4 arshawsky turtle 3

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