viseone sea hunter

VISEone has released a new limited edition art print - Sea Hunter. Printed on high glossy Fine Art Paper, the 41 prints will be available €50 (about $71).

Here is what VISEone had to say about the inspiration behind this print:

Back in 2007 my friend Ralph Ferres handed me a loose sketch of a dragon. I changed it a bit and illustrated it as the SEA HUNTER - which later became my first release in the designertoy world through PATCH TOGETHER...

Last year in october my friend died in a car accident on his way to a meeting with me.

Ralph was a big influence for me and we've been friends for over 20 years. He would have turned 41 on the 20th of may and since many asked me for a release of the SEA HUNTER as a print I decided to offer a limited run for a limited time to remember my friend.

Some of the profit will be given to his just born nephew which he never had the chance to meet.

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