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Stitches and Glue has introduced the latest bespoke handmade creature to pop his head round the workshop door - Dulo.

This handsome fellow was found in great distress, strung up in a tree and being tormented. Luckily for Dulo a young girl came to his rescue and scared off his captors. From the outside Dulo may appear to be a brute, but beneath the fur and startling appearance he is a sensitive and loving monster, looking for an equally loving home.

Dulo has a fully posable head and tail/arm armatures. Limited to only three pieces, the plush includes a limited print of the initial character sketch. Pick one up here for £250 (about $403).

And this Friday, Stitches and Glue will be releasing a bundle of new giveaways on their freebies page, so remember to pop over and see how you could win your very own lucky monster paw.

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