plaseebo molezilla

Now here's a Kickstarter project you can back. Molezilla is a new 7″ tall art toy figure that Bob Conge (Plaseebo) wants to produce in soft vinyl as a limited edition for collectors. Bob has written the backstory, designed the figure, created the sculpt and made a few hand cast resin prototypes. All that's left is to raise the funds to produce the vinyl edition at a facility here in the US.

"What’s the big deal about being one of the first vinyl editions to be produced entirely in the US start to finish ? Well, since the 1960’s vinyl figures have been almost exclusively produced in Japan or China. This project will be supporting the savvy new US company Veracious Vinyl and keeping the work at home. It matters!"

The Kickstarter project will run until Thursday June 16th 2011 at 8:34PM EDT. It needs $2,400 pledged to be funded. And there are several different levels, where you'd receive different Molezilla variants. So get cracking!

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