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This sixth Ninja of the Month of 2011 means that we're halfway through the year. This month's Ninja - Medic Ninja - has been around Ninjatown a for a little while...although he's preferred to remain the unsung hero of sickly Shawnimals everywhere.

Medic Ninja will be made available on Wednesday June 1st 2011 at 1PM CDT. For $30.00, you will get the limited edition plush (only 100 made), a lump on the mend, a sticker and a character button.

From the tag:

"Medic Ninja has hundreds of patients, most with similar-sounding complaints such as: 'cookie-belly', 'extreme nap-fatigue', and 'laugh-muscle strain'. Whatever the diagnosis, he'll get you fixed up lickety split with his array of bandages, ancient ointments and miso-flavored lollipops."

notm06 button sticker

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