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Crazy Label has unveiled a pair of new House of Liu series from artist Veggiesomething. The 3" House of Liu Contemporary Series is a blindbox line that features a Baby Di Di or a Baby Mei Mei vinyl figure. These are retailing for $9.95 per blindbox (or $74.95 for a display case).

crazy label liu 2

They have also released a pair of 8" tall House of Liu figures. The Qing Soldier features a red and white hand-weaved bamboo hat as well as a 7" tall spear. The figure is limited to 400 pieces and available for $59.95.

crazy label qing combo

Also, the Qing Pirate has been released in a limited edition run of 100 pieces. This 8" tall figure includes a black and white hand-weaved bamboo hat and a 6" tall sword. This slightly more limited piece sells for $79.95.

crazy label qing soldier 1 crazy label qing soldier 2 crazy label qing soldier 3 crazy label qing pirate 1 crazy label qing pirate 2 crazy label qing pirate 3

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