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Clumsy Plush offers a smorgasbord of original kawaii (Japanese for cute) characters in plush form. Their most popular character is named Pepopanda. Currently, the black and white panda is available in five different styles. They all feature different emotions/expressions, and the version we’ll be checking out is named the Ecstatic Pepopanda.

Mmmm… Do you smell chocolate? Pepopanda is hungry! He has one major weakness: chocolate chip cookies. At the sight or smell of them, he becomes completely uncontrollable and cannot be stopped until he eats each and every cookie.

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The Facts

Ecstatic Pepopanda
Manufacturer: Clumsy Plush
Artist: Coriane
Material: Plush- fleece
Dimensions: 12” tall
Designs: Ecstatic, Classic, Clumsy, Happy, and In Love Pepopandas

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The light blue tag features a cute illustrated Pepopanda munching on a giant chocolate chip cookie. There’s also the background description, which has been reprinted above, on the inside panel of the tag. It also includes the obligatory French tag (these are from Canada).

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Our Opinion

I often run toys by my wife, asking her whether or not she likes them or how much she thinks something costs. We don’t always agree on things, but it’s interesting to get another person’s opinion. Lately, I’ve been seeing if I can get any reaction from my 11-month-old son. And if screaming and smiling is any indication, the Ecstatic Pepopanda is his second favorite toy behind the talking CLU action figure from Tron: Legacy.

The Pepopanda character is very simple in design. The facial features are simple circular designs, and the colors are very basic (black, white and dark red). But it’s all of those simple details that make it such a cute character.

As far as quality, this is a very well produced plush. The eyes, nose and mouth are attached perfectly. I didn’t find any errant strings sprouting from any seams. However, It’s stuffed a little on the solid size. Pepopanda’s still soft, but he’s not cushiony soft – if that makes any sense.

I feel the Pepopanda character will appeal to several collector groups. If you like tokidoki, I think you’ll like Pepopanda. If you’re a plush collector, I think you’ll like Pepopanda. Especially since he’s right at that magic price of $20.00 for a 12” plush.

OVERALL: While Pepopanda might be a little too “cutesy” for many collectors, if the character appeals to you, you won’t be disappointed with the plush. Clumsy Plush has released a well produced plush, and you have several facial expressions to choose from.

You can pick one up at the following:

Clumsy Plush: $20.00 CAD (about $21.00 US)
Frozen Empire Toys: $18.50

Ecstatic Pepopanda Grades

Plush Quality: 9/10
    Stitching: 9/10
    Material: 9/10
Softness: 7/10
Packaging/Tag: 8/10
Cuteness: 9/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 8/10

Overall: 9.1/10

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