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Bitbots have announced the release of this A2 sized backlight frame that contains a 3D image - without the use of 3D glasses - of the Robot toy from their Jinny Series Zero. The lenticular works by taking a series of photos and merging them together to create this amazing piece. This is made by Epod London and is a limited edition of only one piece. For sale only at from the Bitbots online store for £1,500 (about $2,450) including free worldwide shipping.

One thought on “Bitbots Jinny Lenticular

  1. Lenticular prints really are neat! We see the use mostly on billboards, movie posters, & trading cards in commercial use. And they’ve come a long way since the cracker jack rings of the 40s, ha, which I still find fun in, to be honest.

    But I would have a hard time paying £1500 ($2500 give or take) for a 16.5 in. x 23.4 in. piece that is in truth, a shot that might be ignored on flickr even, if it wasn’t for the look of the final product in person. That price, at that size, borders what some established fine-art photographers might not charge for an unique edition of 1. Let alone, I believe a fine-art photographer would no doubt find a more creative way to shoot this cute little bloke… I suppose where I’m most jaded though, based on the quality of the frame and initial image, is that, for example: printing a 5.9 in. x 8.7 in. picture utilizing lenticular printing will take about 4min., with the price of that size being around £10.

    Someone would have to REALLY like this piece to take it for that, although I suppose that’s always what it comes down to in the art world – the eye of the beholder. I certainly would not, and I don’t think that it’s just because I happen to know the spoils that another might not, but because as an artist & collector, I think if asking £1500, then it’s the responsibility of the creator to provide value in quality, & that more thought & consideration should be put into the photograph and framing, instead of pushing with the idea that consumers will think this process to be more valuable than it is, and so we the business owners will put as little into it as possible for a larger return. This is an experiment to see how many pray fall, before they take a leap into making more. Right now the question is, Will it work?

    As I type I see this banner on my right of Mickey w’ $ in his eyes & I can’t help but see how this relates. I picture an angler fish just beyond the darkness of the deep, fishing with his brilliant, warm, unique & inviting lure that hangs in the light, or is it the light?… Granted, Jinny Bitbots is NNOOOOOO Disney, but this product seems only to exist to take advantage of those that don’t know any different. If it sells, then the trap would have worked. I know I am coming across as negative, but there’s no way around it; based on the product & facts presented within, the most simple breakdown is – little $ & little care invested, much $ obtained & … well, we can at least know on the other end that that one is happy with what they have 🙂

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