shawnimals c2e2 ninjadog bag

Shawnimals (booth 1036 at C2E2) will release a new limited edition C2E2 show exclusive Ninja Dog. The handmade plush is a limited run of 100 pieces and will be available for $25.00 each at the Shawnimals booth. Each Ninja Dog comes numbered and bagged with a special header card design. Accessories include a sport pepper grapple, mustard rope and a satchel containing a celery salt smoke bomb.

shawnimals c2e2 ninjadog satchel

shawnimals c2e2 ninjadog hook

From the tag:

Some dogs are simply too special to be considered food, yet this does not stop them from being pursued. Ninja Dog can evade the most veracious eaters – even Chicagoans – with his honed ninja skills and innovative gadgetry. He can scale buildings with his sport pepper grapple and mustard rope, blind you with a celery salt smoke bomb, or even smother you with his charred yet strangely squishy bun. You've been warned!

shawnimals c2e2 ninjadog front

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