1xRun dan may beneath noise

1xRUN has released a new art print from Dan May. Named Beneath the Noise, this 14" x 18" giclee is signed and numbered by the artist. The maximum edition size of this print will be 40 pieces. You can pick one up for $45.00.

Here's the detailed description of the artwork:

An intriguing exercise in surrealism, Beneath the Noise plays with the nature of reality - and does so with an uncommon degree of imaginative charm. A figure made of hair or born from the surrounding weeds and vegetation appears to be running with or from a flight of birds. One of these appears to be making off with a strand from the figure's head - perhaps for a nest? The background elements of color are imbued with a somber autumnal tone, but there's an additional and obvious hint of playful abandon here that checks the immediate assumption of brooding menace.

Mortality may be the subject. Or love. Or the singular gifts we possess in reinventing the fabric of life and weaving all the threads into a seamless garment. The painter may merely have been recalling a dream that visually and thematically echoed a myriad number of things that affect all of us. Once again, the privilege of interpretation has been granted to the viewer by a rare and obviously generous talent.

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