1xRUN DabsMyla

1xRUN has released thei newest print. Happiness is 100yen is from Melbourne, Australia based artist Dabs Myla. This 11" x 13.5" giclee is signed and numbered by the artist. This piece was part of a series of paintings made for a show at Thinkspace Gallery in 2010 titled 'TOKYO DELUXE'.

'Happiness is 100 yen' came from the idea that in Japan there is no stereo-type of people who interact and love the Japanese pop culture of cuteness and fun! When we visited Tokyo last year we spent a lot of time in many of the 5 leveled Game centers. We saw young kids and teenage girls pump dollar after dollar into skill testing claw games to try and win a fluffy bunny, Hello Kitty alarm clock or whatever. We found it amazing that there was nearly equal amounts of middle aged business men and young adults also in mad concentration battling the skill testers for the same fluffy prizes!

Each print will be personally hand embellished, making each one unique. With a maximum edition size of 40 pieces, you can pick one up for $40.00.

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