1xrun askew diamondism

The newest print from 1xRUN is designed by Askew. The Diamondism Study 1 is available in two colorways - Anthracite and Gold. These 20" x 14" prints are signed and numbered by the artist.

The Anthracite is an edition of 35 pieces ($45.00 each), while the Gold version is limited to only 12 prints ($75.00 each)

From the artist:

"Diamondism is the term I coined when referring to my recent stream of work. It was an offshoot of the 'Netch' pieces painted together with Berst. Initially Diamondism came from my observations of crystal formations photographed with a macro lens. In nature colours and form are arranged in ways that defy human logic. All the rules are broken - yet everything is defined perfectly."

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