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This week, LTD Tee is proud to feature a piece by French artist Christopher Dombres, who packs a social and political punch in each his works. ‘Monopoly’, a blunt commentary on corporate advertising, is an example of how his propaganda is better than yours.

“The knife between the teeth symbol was used for the first time in France (1919) to expose the violent nature of the Bolsheviks revolution. The graphic expression ‘eat what you kill’ is used in big law firms and in the financial world where ethics are still based on animal instinct.”

The box set is available with t-shirts in both men and women sizes and can be purchased for $26.99. Don't forget to use the code "plasticandplush" to get 10% off your order!

Box Set Includes:

• T-Shirt
• 8” x 10” art print
• Certificate of authenticity
• Artist bio
• Assorted LTD Tee postcards
• Custom box

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