blamo black rabbit blamo pink rabbit

Blamo Toys has got you covered during these cold winter months. Spencer Hansen has created his own super stylish answer to the "snuggie" - Rabbit Onesies.

That's right, now you too can dress up and parade around like your favorite Blamoville characters in these super warm, super comfortable rabbit jumpsuits. Each onesie comes with metal wire lined rabbit ears that allow the wearer styling and molding possibilities. And what bunny suit would be complete without its own fluffy bunny tail on the butt?

Available in four different styles (Moto Rabbit Suit, Pink Rabbit Onesie, Grey Rabbit Onesie, and Black Rabbit Onesie), these sell between $220.00 (onesies) and $260.00 (Moto Suit).

blamo moto rabbit blamo grey rabbit

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