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Well, Disney released another series of the Vinylmation figures this past Friday. And this is the series that folks in the designer toy (or urban vinyl, if you like that term better) love to hate. I'm talking about the Vinylmation Urban #5 series. You'd think that by the 5th series, we'd see a little progress. I'm actually only going to show two of the designs because, well, you'll get the point.

I'll start off by saying that there is one pretty interesting design - the "chaser" design - that features a 3D scheme with 3D glasses. And I don't entirely blame the artists for these designs, although several of the are downright uninspired. The above design looks like someone forgot to put together a design, so they let their kid play around in Photoshop and fill in the Vinylmation template. Voila! Finished!

It's that Disney really doesn't understand the "urban" vinyl genre (if that even still exists). Sorry, but there's nothing urban about a bag of movie popcorn. And when people talk about vinyl toys...they mean rotocast vinyl. Honestly, they just need to stick to Disney licenses with this platform. I'd buy a Tron or Toy Story Vinylmation figure...but these?

vinylmation urban5 1

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