pcp philiplumbang huglife

After a brief hiatus from new poster releases, The Poster Cause Project is back at it with five brand new posters. We're going to split it up into two rounds - so as not to overwhelm you.

The "HUG LIFE" screen printed poster is designed by PHILIP LUMBANG and limited to a run of 50 prints. The 11" x 17" poster is available for $25.00.

pcp akumuink1

The "TOKYO REVENGE" poster, designed by AKUMU INK, is limited to only 25 pieces. You can purchase the 12" x 18" poster for $20.00.

pcp mememachine drmemerat

The "DR. MEME RAT" poster is designed by MEME MACHINE and limited to only 25 prints. The 12" x 18" poster can be purchased for $20.00.

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