Plaseebo will unveil the painted prototype for the 1st quarter 2011 release of "The Brain Rider" at the NYCC. The prototype will be on display Friday and Saturday in the Cultyard booth #2682.The combination of Bob Conge and Emilio Garcia's work with an Old West theme? Yes, please.

brainrider sketch

"JB And The Brain Rider"
Copyright Bob Conge 2010

One day not too long ago, the Jumping Brain ( affectionately known to his friends as "JB" ) came across a poster for THE FIRST ANNUAL BODY PARTS RODEO to be held Barcelona in the summer of 2011. JB was stoked!, as he had always been infatuated with old cowboy movies and rodeos. He knew immediately he wanted to compete in the Bull Riding contest......... as the Bull of course. JB was after all part Bullfrog.

JB began tryouts to find a rider, day after day, rider after rider, no one could hang on for even one second to his slippery gyrations. JB was about to call it quits, when one afternoon at the beach, he met a Skulloctopus from the states who was vacationing in Spain. Being comfortable on slippery surfaces and with eight legs to hang on with, it was a perfect partnership. For sure they would dazzle the audience at the First Annual B P Rodeo.

And so they did.

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