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The Sucklord has announced his schedule and happenings for New York Comic Con 2010. He has 12 Yellow Man Peril figures that he'll be carrying with him. Flag him down and pick one up for $60.00.

suck Yellow man

Cookies and Cream will have their truck parked outside. And they will have a new exclusive red "DUMNY" figure available for $40.00 each.

suck Red Dumny

On Sunday, around 1PM, the Sucklord will launch the new Glyos figure Dim Bulb at the Onell booth (#2780). There will be about 18 pieces available, running $40.00 each.

suck Dim Bulb

And if you didn't know...the Sucklord and crew will be dropping some beats at the show:

2PM to 5PM at Mimoco Booth #2675: Microsexuals
8PM to 10PM at the Toy Tokyo After Party: Sucklord

2PM to 5PM at Mimoco Booth #2675: Band of the Lost

Random times during the day at Mimoco Booth #2675: Vectar the Intolerable

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