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Omi - from Munky King - is inspired by Chinese opera and Japanese Oni masks. Omi's distinct shape comes adorned with unique ears and accessories. Flip Omi upside down or sideways to create a multitude of design possibilities.

Do-It-Yourself Omis come packaged with one 3.5" Omi, an Omi Peg, and an Omi Frame with removable base. Attach the Omi to the clear acrylic frame via the Omi Peg to either hang on your wall or display on a flat surface. Omis can also be connected to each other to create new and exciting shapes. The DIY Omi is blind box assortment, so you can either pull a Monkey, Cat, Bear, or Devil. The matte white finish is perfect for customizing with acrylics, aerosol, paint markers, or anything your creativity desires.

For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys. Look for these to retail around $8.00 each.

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