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Jamungo has set the release date for their NOZZEL S003 and K11 FIDO [OPRSSR] set as today (Monday, October 4th 2010) at 12:00 noon - Central Time. The webstore for the release is located here. You can pick up the set for $85.00.

squadt nozzel oprssr3

The NOZZEL and K11 FIDO [OPRSSR] duo is limited to 150 sets. The 6" tall Nozzel includes a shirt, tactical vest, sM4 with sAcog scope and supressor, 2 sets of arms, and removable helmet. The 4" tall FIDO includes a modular harness with removable pouches and removable helmet.

squadt nozzel oprssr4 squadt nozzel oprssr6

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