Aries Ram & the Ubermensch


The newest original painting from artist David Foox is “Aries Ram & the Ubermensch”. This 12" x 48" painting features acrylic, india ink on canvas. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but a lot of FOOX's recent work is astrology related.

14 thoughts on “Aries Ram & the Ubermensch

  1. I am literally obsessed with this Foox art. Every piece is an adventure in color and expression. He is a genius artistically and he should just keep painting on. I havealso noticed the work is moving in an astrological direction and I would love to know the driving force behind this. His work seems to vary from light to dark and now to astrological. Samantha S.

  2. Honestly I am Jewish, and I really love the fact that the horns are curved like the horn we used in synagogue earlier this month for the High Holy Days. FOOX and his art never cease to blow my mind.

  3. I clicked on this because I’m trying to figure out the connection between Aries and the Ubermensch? …. the image is beautiful but I’m reading Abraham’s sacrificial lamb sheathed in a tattered desert scarf, flanked by a futuristic army in jet packs, awash in the sun’s glow.
    To me its a “past/present/future are one” message… kind of hopeful and foreboding at the same time…..R

  4. Definitely another step in the Foox evolution. The ram imagery is really intriguing. The horns seem quite well done. I’m truly taken in by this one. Good work keeps coming!

  5. The Ram having the face of a protagonist, wrapped in a scarf that has seen a 1000 cold days and marches at dawn with the simplicity of the black and white checkered path. Bodies with obvious significance in peripheral, they know you, you know them, there is a dialogue. Can you be trained to sleep at the foot of a bed? My sleep is well these days because of paintings like this. Acknowledgement.

  6. I really love this one. I’ve been a fan of FOOX for a while and I’m really feeling the new series. Nice one FOOX, keep em coming!

  7. This piece is pure Occult. Rising upwards in the background are the Robot Men and Expanding outwards are the Horns of the Ram. Far from Astrological, this is pure Occult (unless they are one and the same these days).

    Love the work, am drawn into it. Would classify this piece as mesmerizing and would like to know if it is for sale. It is not listed on the FOOX-U website.

    Sharon Denner

  8. Hey all…
    I’m the owner of this piece and purchased it after a night of hanging out in David’s studio last week. He is a genius artistically and a great guy and with so much going on I don’t know how he get’s anything done much less creating these beautiful mesmerising images – love the new direction – the symbolism is brilliant and It Is PURE OCCULT.
    Thanks David and keep it coming!

  9. This painting evokes certain thought towards what the Ram in the foreground reveals. Perhaps it is representative of the leadership that the Aries spirit embodies. The futuristic aspect gives the painting depth and one could interpret it as a symbol of looking forward and never backward, the upward flow of Spirit, a type of universal consciousness.

    I had the opportunity to watch the artist paint this piece in its final stages. The meticulous nature in which this was completed was not only a testament to the skill of artist but to the beauty of the colors, level of detail, and thought that went into it.

  10. I psychotically love FOOX art! I just received my copy of the Faith print and I framed it and put it up immediately and it makes me happy to look at it. Now that I see the ram I want that too and I can’t wait for his next series of prints. You should seriously check out his work, it’s fantastic!

  11. FOOX art is unique, creative, and expressive. I love how he blends images that have deep symbolism for a lot of people, with other powerful images, in order to create beauty. His body of work is impressive and I am so excited to see his next paintings!

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