Following up on a story we brought you last week, it appears that Jon Schiller Design has all but vanished from the good ol' internets. His website, Flickr, MySpace and email accounts are all gone.

The topic of him plagiarizing popular anime characters ended up getting a lot of discussion on the 4chan boards (and some chatter here, as well). Apparently, he received a LOT of emails and had a canned response that he didn't do these designs - he had an artist do his work for him - and the person who did the copy-work has been fired.

Now, I'm not saying that Jon is a bad guy. Quite to the contrary, I've talked with him on several occasions and he seems like a nice guy. We really helped him get recognized here at Plastic and Plush. And he isn't the first artist to take liberty with another artist's work? Far from it, both Sam Flores and Shepard Fairey have been accused of doing that. But I think there was a better way to go about it, instead of blaming it on someone else and disappearing.

Hopefully we'll get a better (and clearer) explanation from Jon. He appeared to have a lot of time invested in his Little 9 character. But will collectors still be interested in his art?

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