Midwestern Ghosteeez

In 2008, Matt Sharp worked alongside Lana Crooks creating the original Midwestern Ghosteeez plush. He provided her with drawings and she created the plush. Matt felt like he didn't have a hand in the creation of the plush, so this time around he designed a template asked Lana Crooks to construct and sew a blank Midwestern Ghosteeez canvas plush. He then took the blank plush, hand painting it, hand detailing it, hand attaching the wooden eyes and hand packaging it.

The first batch will be released in a pretty small run at Matt's October 15th solo show titled: The Benefits of Exhaustion at Proximity in Cleveland, OH. The show also features the launch of his first book also titled: "The Benefits of Exhaustion".

Each hand-painted canvas plush is roughly 9" x 3" featuring wooden eyes. They are individually bagged and signed on a header card. The initial edition size still TBD (under 30) but they will run $40 each.

To get on the list for when these are available for purchase send an email to either or both:


with a subject line of "Matthew Ryan Sharp solo show plush release"

The Midwestern Ghosteeez hand painted canvas plush is based on the paintings and illustrations of Matthew Ryan Sharp. The product template, packaging, final assembly and hand painting by Matthew Ryan Sharp. The sewing and plush form construction is by Lana Crooks.

Midwestern Ghosteeez

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