blamo cumulus

Blamo Toys has posted the remaining San Diego Comic Con exclusive "Cumulus" figures up on their website. Created by Blamo Toys own Mikie Graham, each Cumulus figure is hand crafted from wood and resin, then intricately hand-stained and painted by Mikie himself. It's limited to only 6 pieces and can be purchased for $200.00.

blamo albino munch

Blamo also just released a limited colorway of their popular Munch character: "Albino Munch". Constructed out of hand sewn white leather and a heavily oxidized cast brass mouth, this new colorway features a laser etched Blamo logo on his right arm and comes housed in his own silk screened cotton bag. "Albino Munch" is a limited edition of 6 pieces and costs $200.00.

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