gumpy con contest 2

The Gumpy will be attending Comic Con this year. Just like Waldo, surrounded by thousands upon thousands of con-goers, he will be among a sea of vinyl, comics, plush, action figures and over-eccentric fans. Think you’ve got what it takes to play a real life game of ‘Where’s Gumpy?’ Well, if you happen to be lucky enough to spot him, you just may be able to snag a Gumpy figure of your very own!

Now, just how do you distinguish Gumpy and his creator from the 150,000 other con attendees? That’s the easy part; Jose Reynoso will be sporting his signature Gumpy T-shirt featuring El Gumpy the Luchador. If you see him, don’t think twice about chasing him down and calling him out. He’s ready to be spotted.

Here’s the kicker, there are VERY FEW figures available, keep your eyes peeled around every corner, when they’re gone; they’re gone. Ready to play? See you at the con!

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