grumble buns

Steff Bomb has a new plush I coming out...named Grumble Buns. These handmade plushies are currently available through her etsy page for $25 each. Each one measures roughly 4" tall by 5" across and comes with a free “I Am A Grade-A Grumble Buns” patch.

Here's how Steff describes her Grumble Buns:

Grousing his way into your heart, it's Grumble Buns! Bigger than a Big Mac, less calories than a Whopper, and more adorable than a pile of Happy Meals, he's the cute n' meaty way to express your cranky, crabby feelings. Perfect for you or the grumbler in your life, this bad-tempered burger and matching Gocco-printed patch provide a plush outlet for all your beefs.



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