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The Brothers Washburn / Color Ink Book will be holding down San Diego Comic Con booth #5569. They'll be releasing their eighth volume of Color Ink Book, with SDCC exclusive covers from five top artists: Alex Pardee, Andrew Bell, Femke Hiemstra, Travis Lampe and Workhorse. Each volume will run $10.00.

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Along with the exclusive covers, they'll be releasing two new Skinner toys - the Lurker red eye colorway (50 pieces) and the Lurker Wolf (50 pieces) which features glow in the dark mouth and eyes. Each Lurker will run $50.00 and be limited to one per person. The booth will be hosting a number of signings, including artists Alex Pardee, Andrew Bell, Travis Lampe, Skinner and a few to be announced. Finally, there will be a prototype of their next toy release by Travis Lampe - a 12" plush of his vision of Rayola.

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