DKE Toys (booth #4732) has announced their San Diego Comic Con 2010 signing well as their exclusives list.

dke sdcc gay empire

Suckadelic Gay Empire SDCC Exclusive
Limited to 50 pieces.

dke sdcc foxglove

Amanda Spayd "Foxglove" SDCC Exclusive
Limited to 25 pieces.

dke sdcc baby treeson

Crazy Label Baby Treeson SDCC Exclusive
One color edition of 100 available each day.
$16 each

dke sdcc petit astrolapin

Mr Clement Petit Astrolapin in California SDCC Exclusive
Limited to 40 pieces.

dke sdcc budcat

Jamungo X Scott Wilkowski BUDcat SDCC Exclusive
Available in 2 colors editions of 50 pieces.

dke sdcc buff plush

Buff Monster Plush SDCC Exclusive
Limited to 200 pieces.

dke sdcc jibi

JIB - Jibibuts in Black Noferin SDCC Exclusive
Limited to 25 handpainted JIB couples.
$50 for pair and print

dke sdcc trees of doom

Shawnimals Trees of Doom! Battle Pack SDCC Exclusive
Limited to 100 sets.
$35 per pack

dke sdcc fafi black

Neccessaries Toys Film Noir Fafi Black SDCC Exclusive
Limited to 50 pieces.



Thursday July 22nd
11AM - The Sucklord
3PM - Buff Monster

Friday July 23rd
10AM - Erick Scarecrow
Noon - Shawn Smith - Shawnimals
3PM - Ferg & Scott Wilkowski

Saturday July 24th
10AM - Erick Scarecrow
1PM - Buff Monster
3PM - Ferg & Scott Wilkowski

Sunday July 25th
11AM - The Sucklord

TBA - Amanda Visell

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