This was very sad to read. Unfortunately, a little over two weeks ago, Ryan August of I Want Your Skull was involved in a fatal car accident that cost him his life. Please keep his family in your thoughts. You can contribute your memories/stories/thoughts to a Facebook page in his memory.

On Saturday, July 11th… my husband, Ryan August, and our son Declan were in a car accident on their way home from Atlanta. They were driving through a storm when Ryan’s car left the road and struck a tree. Declan, secured in his car seat, made it through with minor cuts and bruises. Ryan died on impact.

Ryan was a wonderful husband and the most devoted father I have ever seen. I cannot not begin to imagine our lives without him….

I know that he has many friends out there and I wanted to let everyone know what happened. Right now there is so much to deal with that I am struggling to keep it all moving…. but when I can I will set to honoring his commitments involving I Want Your Skull and its related blog. Right now I am focused on our son and trying to understand the unfathomable.

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