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In addition to releasing plush versions of their characters, Noodoll has a line of plush-like accessories. The Noodoll Pouches are made to store anything from your camera to pencils to keys to change to…just about anything.

While the line consists of several different characters, we’re going to take a look at four of them: Ricestrike, Riceowl, Riceroom and Riceroar.

  • Ricestrike is so sharp and bright that no one will be able to pinch your pencils.
  • Riceowl is the oldest and wisest of the Evil Forest. Keep your cards and coupons under Riceowl’s watchful eyes.
  • Ricerooms are silly. You can put all of your makeup in them.
  • Riceroar loves to roar. Not because he is scary but because he has a constant sore throat.
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The Facts

Noodoll Pouches
Manufacturer: Noodoll
Artist: YiYang
Material: Plush with plastic clip
Dimensions: 4.5" to 10" tall
Designs: Ricestrike (lightening); Riceowl (owl); Riceroom (mushroom); Riceroar

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Each Noodoll pouch has a unique circular tag. The front features an illustration of the character amongst some items that you might be able to fit inside of the pouch. On the back, there are several other illustrations as well as a short bio write-up.

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Our Opinion

Noodoll’s Riceroar plush is one of my favorites of the year (2010). So, it’s only fitting that I’m a fan of the Riceroar pouch. It feels as if the pouch is made out of the same material as the plush version. Nice and soft…just lacking the stuffing. It’s a miniaturized duplicate of the plush.

In my opinion, the other three designs aren’t as strong as Riceroar. But they all do bring something slightly different to the table. Ricestrike can hold much longer objects, such as pencils. The Riceroom pouch includes another, smaller, stuffed Riceroom attached to the plastic clip. And Riceowl has a couple of dangly feet – at least I’m hoping those are feet.

noodoll ricestrike 01

Each Noodoll pouch has a plastic clip as well as a quality zipper (no sticking here). The size of the inside pocket varies depending on the character. But Riceroar and Riceowl also include an outside pocket on their rears. This is for storing your credit or business cards.

Quality-wise, the line is great. Each piece features embroidered details, clean seams, soft material and a lined interior.

The exchange rate bumps these up into the $15 - $20 range. I’d pay that for plush versions of these characters…but for pouches? I thought about that, and I guess you could actually get a lot more use out of Noodoll’s pouches by carrying them around on you at all times…except in the shower.

You can pick one up at the following: £9.99 to £11.99 (about $15 to $20)

Noodoll Pouches Grades

Plush Quality: 9/10
    Stitching: 9/10
    Material: 9/10
Softness: 8/10
Packaging/Tag: 8/10
Cuteness: 8/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 6/10

Overall: 8.5/10

Ricestrike: 7.6/10
Riceowl: 7.8/10
Riceroom: 7.9/10
Riceroar: 8.8/10

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