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Your favorite Uglydoll characters continue to make their way from plush form to vinyl. The Uglydoll Action Figures Series 2 brings collectors six new Uglys (Big Toe, Peaco, Poe, Trunko, Uglydog, and Uglyworm), each available in a pair of colorways. And unlike the first round of vinyl Uglydoll Action Figures, these are not packaged in blind box style.

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The Facts

Uglydoll Action Figures Series 2
Manufacturer: Pretty Ugly
Artist: Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath
Material: Rotocast vinyl
Dimensions: Approximately 3” tall
Points of Articulation: From 1 to 3 points
Designs: Uglydog (red and orange), Big Toe (blue and black), Poe (green and gray), Trunko (purple and yellow), Uglyworm (green and blue) and Peaco (pink and white)

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The Uglydoll folks decided to ditch the blind box packaging for Series 2. This time around, they went for mini display boxes that have a plastic windowpane in the front and the character illustration on the top. If you remember the Critterbox vinyl figures from several years back, this new packaging is designed in similar fashion.

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Our Opinion

Similar to the first series of Uglydoll Action Figures, Series 2 consists of six Uglydoll characters reimagined in vinyl form. “Action Figures” is an intentional misnomer – since many of the figures (Uglydog, Poe and Uglyworm) only have one point of articulation. Series 1 was touted as having action twist waistlines.

If you’ve yet to check out any of the Uglydoll mini vinyl figures, the first thing you’ll notice is the quality. They look and feel like they’re Japanese made vinyl – but they’re not. Each figure has a very soft feel, although the arms are slightly harder and have a glossier look to them. As far as paintwork, the eyes appear to be pad printed, while the rest of the details seem to be hand painted in the factory.

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The Uglydoll crew made two big decisions with this series: #1 – the characters and #2 – not to blind box them. The characters round out some of the more popular Uglys that weren’t included in the first go-round – specifically Uglydog. And I like that they’re no longer blind boxing the line. I usually have a cutoff price for blind box lines of about $8. Anything over that and I want to know what I’m getting.

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You can pick one up at the following:

Tenacious Toys: $10 ea.
Uglydolls: $10 ea.

Uglydoll Action Figures Series 2 Grades

Figure Quality: 9/10
Sculpt: 9/10
Paint: 9/10
Accessories/Outfit: N/A
Packaging: 9/10
Durability: 9/10
Fun Factor: 9/10
Value: 8/10

Big Toe: 9.2/10
Peaco: 9.1/10
Poe: 8.9/10
Trunko: 9.1/10
Uglydog: 9.1/10
Uglyworm: 9.2/10

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