ldd 19 variants

Mezco's Living Dead Dolls Series 19: Children Of The Night Variant Edition not only features a new black, white, and blood red color scheme, it features a new 6th, glow in the dark doll not available anywhere else - Claret Winter. Claret Winter is one of the most exclusive Living Dead Dolls ever made, with a production run strictly limited to 375 pieces worldwide.

The set includes:
Sabbatha - with stake in her chest
Sanguis - with stake in her chest
Haemon - with stake in his chest
Agana - with cross “burned” forehead
Orchid - with stake in her chest
Claret Winter - with “supernatural” glow in the dark power

Each bloodthirsty spawn of darkness stands a full 10" tall and comes complete with real cloth clothing. Each is packed in their own coffin with death certificate.

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