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Plaseebo will be represented at Dragatomi's Not Vinyl Show, which opens this Saturday - May 8th 2010 at 7PM. Bob Conge's "FRIGISCARE P3 / Black" is made of hand cast resin with a red glass eye insert and an internal color changing LED unit. it stands in at 9" tall and is signed.

frigiscare p3blk conge 2 frigiscare p3 led cu

Here's the updated backstory:

Coco and the Frigiscare
copyright Bob Conge 2010

Obsession has caused the downfall of kings and certainly a seven year old boy is no match for its overwhelming power. Coco is an only child who lives in an upscale apartment building in Chicago, overlooking the river as it wanders its way through the windy city. His favorite room in the expansive rooftop penthouse is the kitchen and his favorite appliance is the Frigidaire refrigerator. Sadly, one might say this cold white tower with its comforting hum, was his only friend. Coco was very very overweight and all day long he thought about what luscious gifts his friend might have for him when he got home from school.

Over time the after school snacking wasn't enough and Coco began getting up in the middle of the night to raid the frig. The objects of consumption were always the same, soft ice cream, pudding and Cool-wip. Unfortunately one night Coco mistook a tub of yogurt for Cool-wip, YUK, he quickly put the yogurt back and began eating the Cool-wip using the same spoon.

He pushed the half empty tub of Cool-wip, now contaminated with the yogurt culture, to the very back of the frig behind some jars of pickles and stuff no one liked very much. For weeks the tub sat forgotten like some character in a Kafka novel. A metamorphosis was taking place. The yogurt culture thrived in the sweet environment of the white muck. It grew and grew spilling out of the confinement of its container covering more and more of the pickles and stuff hidden in the back till one night when Coco came down in the darkness and opened the frig door it spilled out and enveloped him, the fridg, and everything else in the kitchen, before rising up through the chimney to the moonlit roof and down the side of the building to the darkened streets of an unsuspecting city. The Frigiscare born that night was now as black with soot as the shadows he kept to.

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