super hero hearts

David Foox's most recent work - entitled "Superhero Hearts" - is on its way to Switzerland for the upcoming Art Basel.

"I feel super lucky to have some work in this upcoming Art Basel 2010. Even if it is only one piece, I am still really lucky to get to show my aesthetic and my story, to countless art lovers and collectors and at such a prestigious event. Perhaps next year I will have my own show at Art Basel," says David Foox on being included in Strychnin's SCOPE Art Basel roster.

According to FOOX, "Superhero Hearts" is designed to reflect thought back on to the viewer about the state of the Universe and our relationship to it. It incorporates religious symbolism in a pop art kinda way and emphasizes the Holy Trinity and subjective outward elements. This is based upon an earlier work by David Foox called "Justice Meaning & Understanding".

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