ikem and izziel
Ikem and Izziel were first spotted rummaging through boxes behind a high street shoe shop. Joined at the hip, it was thought that rounding up the pair would be a synch, but it took over a week of trying tomake the capture. They were only snared when one of the shop workers used chocolate buttons to bait a humane trap.

Initially it was thought that their bizarre condition would leave them at a disadvantage, in fact the reverse seems to be true. By pooling their intelligence and skills they are able to overcome obstacles withastounding levels of coordination. It is this teamwork that has given them an edge, ensuring their mutual survival.

Although they sometimes clash, they always look out for one another. This is just as well, a series of medical tests has confirmed that separation is not possible, as they share a single heart.
You can pick up this 9" tall by 24" wide conjoined duo from Monster Workshop for £56.95 (about $88).

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