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Squibbles INK, Inc. (under the Inked Pulp label) is pleased to announce the Wee Devil Action Pen, the first design in a new series of limited edition Artist Action Pens. The first design is based on the Shawnimals Ninjatown characters.  The animated action side pictures a gang of troublesome Wee Devils, floating ominously toward the wise Ol' Master Ninja. On the reverse side is the Ninjatown logo, iconic Mt. Feroshi, and a cast of popular Ninjatown characters.

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These pens were manufactured by ESKESEN A/S, the Original Floating Action Pen innovators, and are loaded with smooth-writing black ink. They're available in one of four different transparent barrel & clip color combination's: Black/Black, Red/Red, Black/Red or Red/Green.

The Wee Devil Action Pen will go on sale Saturday March 20, 2010 for $5.95 each.

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