On March 9th, the Ugly Guide to Eating Out and Keeping It Down will hit book shops nationwide. From Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath, the book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon ($5.99 or $12.99) - with the below description:

Explore the culinary side of Uglytown in this fourth Ugly Guide by David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. In 64 colorful pages you’ll discover what and where the Uglydolls eat, from the low-brow joints that sell abducted cow burgers and bug-’n’-buns, to the high-brow Chez Fancy Pants where the lines to the mobile coat check are sooooooo long. Ugly fans will love watching their favorite characters chow down in Uglytown, where imitation unicorn only costs a dime and stupid milk sells for a nickel.

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