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While perusing through the many booths at the 2010 edition of the International Toy Fair, I came across a new plush line – Vamplets. The line of 6 limited edition baby vampire plushies garnered much interest with their blood drive at the show…but what was more impressive was the actual product.

The line is designed by artist G-Ra, and while there are a total of six characters (3 boys and 3 girls), we’ll be taking a look at two of them.

Lilyrose Shadowlyn:
Black tiny roses & bats with pink noses. Sweet as a thorn the day she was “unborn.” The most normal of the Vamplets, she is pleasingly well behaved, shares and plays nicely with others! But being a vampire, Lily has a dark side – a fierce temper that flares when she’s pushed too far.

Cadaverson Nightshade:
Inventor, dreamer, dark tiny schemer. Building all night to create a big fright! This little guy never utters a sound because he’s so busy inventing and thinking. He builds creepy creations by taking things apart. He’s even trained his pet spider to weave fantastical web structures.

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The Facts

Manufacturer: Vamplets, LLC
Artist: G-Ra
Material: Plush (fleece-like material)
Dimensions: 8” to 10” tall
Designs: Cadaverson Nightshade; Lilyrose Shadowlyn; Count Vlad Von Gloom; Evilyn Nocturna; Burton Creepson, Jr.; Midnight Mori
Outfit: Removable Diaper; BAD wristband
Accessories: Disappearing Bottle of Blood (sold separately)
Edition Size: Limited Edition

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Each Vamplet comes with a tag shaped like a bottle of blood. I includes the character’s name, an “Official Certificate of Possession of a Baby Vampyre”, and some instructions on how to get more items for your Vamplet.

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Our Opinion

The two Vamplets that we are taking a look at are Lilyrose Shadowlyn (obviously a girl) and Cadaverson Nightshade (a boy). All of the Vamplets vary is size, depending on the character. Each one wears a unique diaper and has little pieces of ropelike hair decorated by bats, bows or spiders.

The plush has a small beanbag in its base. This, combined with what feels like a foam post that goes from the body up into the head, allows some limited posing options. It’s possible to display the plush, you’ll just have to find the right position.

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The material is similar to an Uglydoll. It’s a fleece-like material that’s soft to the touch. The mouth, eye and eyebrows are all embroidered on. Each Vamplet has a wristband that says BAD on it. Depending on the character, they have a very cool semi-dyed shading around their eyes – in pink, green or purple.

Every Vamplet has a code written on a hidden tag (in their diaper) that allows you to go to the Vamplets website for some interactive fun. You can go to to print out Undead Certificates, select your baby Vamplet’s tombstone and see an animated version of your character.

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The quality on the line is fairly good. I have noticed a little fraying on the hands. (They’re cut with triangular fingers) But I think that they’re great when you consider the price point (less than $16 each). Vamplets are one of our favorite new plush lines of 2010.

You can pick one up at the following: $15.95 each ($4.95 - bottle)

Vamplets Grades

Plush Quality: 9/10
    Stitching: 8/10
    Material: 9/10
Softness: 8/10
Packaging/Tag: 8/10
Cuteness: 9/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 9/10

Lilyrose Shadowlyn: 9.2/10
Cadaverson Nightshade: 9.3/10

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