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Toy+Life is giving you the chance pre-order some of the hottest Star Wars Kubricks in years. That's right Star Wars fans, your prayers have been answered!  For years many of you (and us) have wanted to see more of the classic Star Wars brought to life in Kubrick form and Medicom brings it big time.  You not only get some cool 'bricks but this time around each figure comes with a part that you can use to build one giant figure.

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Pre-Order Star Wars DX Series 1 Kubricks
Relive Return of the Jedi with all of the pieces in this series, including the special builder - Jabba the Hut.

This series includes: Luke Jedi; C-3PO & Salacious Crumb; R2D2 Jabba's Barge; Chewbacca Prisoner; Amanaman; Bib Fortuna. These should be in around July (subject to change).

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Pre-Order 400% C-3PO Kubrick
Toy+Life is expecting this beauty some time in August (could be sooner).

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Pre-Order Star Wars DX Series 2 Kubricks
This series pulls all the characters from Empire Strikes Back and includes one of the more rare Kubrick items...a vehicle.  The builder for this series is the AT-ST Scout Walker.

This series includes: Luke Skywalker™ Hoth Outfit; Han Solo™ Hoth Outfit; Princess Leia™ Hoth Outfit; Mechanic Chewbacca™; R-3PO™; Snowtrooper™ Commander. Toy+Life has a killer deal with the Pre-Order Star Wars DX Series 2 Master Case.  If you pre-order this, you not only get 4 cases (48 Kubricks) but you will also receive a $25 gift certificate for Toy+Life, good on any future purchase.

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Do you earn Life Points on Pre-orders?  You sure do!  This is a quick way to rack up some points that you can exchange for a discount on purchases.
Do you have any extras or unwanted Star Wars DX Kubricks from your cases?  If you have extras Toy+Life will take them! Just read up on how to do this on their Acquisitions page!

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