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Shawnimals are set to release the next Ninja of the Month: Aqua Ninja. This is the 4th Ninja to be released as a part of Shawnimals’ 12-part Ninja of the Month collection. Look for Aqua Ninja to be available on Wednesday April 7th, 2010 at 1PM CDT.

This highly-skilled Ninja is the guardian of all things wet: Waterways, the vast network of underground lakes below Ninjatown, even puddles. In fact, when submerged Aqua Ninja has the agility of a dolphin, the wits of an octopod, and is as cute as a baby otter!

The 7" × 7" Aqua Ninja is limited to a run of 100 pieces. Each one includes a signed and numbered hang tag, scuba mask, character sticker and button. All of $30 each.

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