The folks at Monster Workshop have added some fresh faces to their adoption store:


Udge measures 14.5" by 27.5" featuring dark fur with painted detailing and fully poseable/bendable arms.

Udge found found asleep inside a car wreck in a scrap yard early one morning. The owner of the yard noticed that Udge was badly wounded, we're guessing the result of a recent brawl with some unknown attacker. Luckily there was no life threatening damage, the loss of sight in one eye and Udge still carries another reminder with a large scar across his belly. A confident and strong monster that will not shy away when approached by someone new.

iko and anti

The twins - Iko and Anti - both measure 7" by 14" featuring grey fur with color cast features and fully poseable/bendable arms.

This terrible twosome were caught in the act! Cctv captured the evenings events when these twins were locked over night inside a giant supermarket. You would never think that something so small could cause so much damage, aisles were literally turned over. Cakes, sweets, eggs and flour littered the floors! It was thought that the total cost of the damage was extremely high. Management were extremely glad when we came to escort Iko and Anti off the premises. A cute couple that would be a challenge to control.

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