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Plaseebo is 5 years old this month. And they're giving you a reverse sneak peek at their very first figure - the Legend of Plaseebo Mummy with Sarcophagus.

plaseebo sar

The Plaseebo Sarcophagus sculpt in progress way back then: "Bob experiments with poly clay over a hand built cardboard and paper mache form to fit the mummy figure".

In celebration, they'll be releasing 10 pieces of Plaseebo's first vinyl figure that Bob has been holding back in hopes that they might get this far. The long sold out first edition "Legend Of Plaseebo Mummy " will be offered at its original "Good ol Days" price of $85.00 - as a small token of appreciation for all the collectors who have supported Plaseebo in these formative years.

The 7 1/2 inch tall poseable mummy is cast in glow in the dark white vinyl with an umber wash and is entombed in a 9 inch hand painted vinyl Sarcophagus. The set also includes an illustrated backstory and full color header card.

The 10 sets of the Legend Of Plaseebo Mummy with Sarcophagus will be available from the Plaseebo web shop on Thursday, March 25th 2010.

plaseebo mummy

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