uglydoll mynus

The newest Uglydoll is currently available for pre-order. The third Ugly unveiled for 2010 - Mynus - joins Pointy Max and Picksey as a part of this year's line. If you're interested in the character's bio, check out below:

Everybody thinks Mynus is quiet and shy, but to her they all make way too much noise. While Mynus may seem silent and introverted at first, she is actually in deep thought most of the time. What about? No clue! She’s quiet, remember? When you’re in trouble Mynus is the one to turn to. She’s got some brilliant ideas, and seems to have everything figured out way ahead of time. It’s almost like she’s psychic! Can’t find anything to write with? Mynus will be standing there with a pen. Can’t find your keys? Mynus drove off with your car.

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