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Available today (November 19th) at 1PM CST, Shawnimals will be releasing the newest plush from their Professor Fliggins line - Hobo Sandwich and the Lunch Bunch.


"This vagabond family was forced to live in a paper sack after their picnic basket home blew away. Now they have to take turns keeping warm in a cellophane sleeping bag. Sad!"

buttons hobosandwich

Limited to only 100 pieces, this handmade 6" x 6" x 2" plush includes a whole lunch bunch including chips, a napkin, and a note from Mom. Packaged in brown paper, tied with a cotton string, you'll also get a sticker and two special buttons...all for $40 each plus shipping.

Fliggins HoboLunchBunch2 Fliggins HoboLunchBunch3

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